Latest News and Updates

  • More videos available December 5, 2017

      More videos are now available, please check out the below link…. My videos can be found here …..

  • New site for my videos February 27, 2017

    For another way to get my videos, please check the out the below link…. More of my videos can be found here …..

  • More videos and Photos February 3, 2017

    As I haven’t uploaded any photo sets or videos on my website recently, please check the out via the below link, Updated list of my photo sets and videos

  • New Photo Sets December 21, 2015

    A lot of new photo sets have been added the last 6 weeks. These include a lot of boy/girl ones too. There are also some more about to be uploaded this week, as well as some videos in the pipeline If you got access to my photos more than a month ago, you will no longer ...

  • Normal routine again October 26, 2015

    Will be on cam all this week (full week), first time in nearly 2 months. Then back to my week on /week off routine. Sorry for the inconsistency lately…. Had a great trip overseas and then lots of catching up on things back home here in Australia. So back to normal now Will be putting up ...

  • Back on cam October 11, 2015

    Will be back on cam from tomorrow ….  had a great vacation ..  sorry for being away so long

  • USA Vacation September 8, 2015

    Just arrived in the US this morning. Drove from LA to Las Vegas….  here for a few days to do some photo shoots   Then off to Denver…..

  • Follow me on Twitter June 14, 2015

    You can now follow me on twitter. Find out where I am, what I am doing and when I am on cam. Updates to my website will also be tweeted… including when new photos and videos are available. Follow @ExoticPortia//

  • Four New Photo Sets May 24, 2015

    Just added 4 new photo sets this weekend. All of these were taken on a farm, mostly outdoors! Lots of sexy outfits and nudity! Some of these shoots were custom shoots for members….   ENJOY!

  • Website Update May 23, 2015

    Reorganized the blog, stories and photos on the website. Navigation should be a lot easier now. The video section will be worked on soon too….  for all those who have been patiently waiting. Remember, you need to be invited to view the content here…  if you just sign up as a member here without an invitation, ...